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Frequently asked questions

Is Pet2Me.eu registration free?

Yes, registration is free, the operation of the register is financed by Werfft ČR and partly by advertising.

Is a medallion required for registration?

It's not. Pets can also be registered only with the chip number. Nevertheless, we highly recommend the locket. Significantly simplifies tracking in case of pet loss. The finder does not have to contact the municipal authority or the city police to find out the chip number with a special reader. All you have to do is read the QR code from the locket with your smartphone and the Pet2Me register will already ensure that the owner is contacted.

Is it possible to register a chip from any manufacturer?

Yes, the registry does not restrict any chip manufacturers.

What if I lose the locket?

It is no problem to order a new one on our e-shop. You will then register (change) the new locket in your animal's profile.

How does the finder find out how to contact the owner?

He will not know if the owner does not pass on the contact himself. Unlike other registers, we do not publish the contact details of animal owners. The finder sends a message via the Pet2Me.eu register without knowing the contact details of the owner, see How does the finder contact the owner?

Quick registration of a new user

1. Click the Chip / Locket Activation field
2. Fill in:
- the number of the locket, if you have it - if the chip number is not enough, the locket is not needed for registration
- chip number
- your email, which will also serve as a profile name
!!! If, after listing one of the numbers (chip / locket), the other is filled in automatically, please check whether they are really the numbers you have physically at home. Otherwise, please contact us. !!!
3. Click Activate to confirm.
4. Open the mail in the email you entered and go to the message from registration@pet2me.eu
- Chip activation request.
5. Click on the link here and a table will open where you can write:
- your name
- mobile phone number (please be careful when writing out, because in case of finding a lost pet, an SMS will come to this number with the phone on the finder)
- any password with a minimum length of 6 characters
- Information about your pet
6. Check consent and confirm Activate pet chip and profile.
7. Your profile will now open, where you can see information about yourself on the left and your pet on the right.
8. After checking the data, you can log out. For each subsequent login, then use the ENTRY field at the top right of the page, where you log in via email and password provided during registration.

How does an animal finder contact the owner?

It's easy with the Pet2Me.eu locket. By loading the QR code from the medallion, the finder is redirected to the animal's profile. Here it is possible, after filling in the contact information for the finder, to send a message to the owner. For chips, it is necessary to enter the chip number in the search on the Pet2Me.eu website. This number can only be obtained with a dedicated chip reader. Such a reader is available to veterinarians, city police, sometimes municipal and city authorities. The finder must first contact these organizations to obtain the chip number. After entering the chip into the Pet2Me.eu search, the procedure is the same as when contacting the owner in the case of a medallion.

What is a backup phone number

The Pet2Me register allows pet owners to enter a second telephone contact (Backup) in case the first telephone is unavailable. We send a notofification SMS about finding a pet to both of these numbers. It is very important to respond to these SMS quickly and without delay. A finder waiting for your call may be in an uncomfortable situation and still try to help you.

How do I change the owner of an animal?

On the Pet tab, there is an "Remove Pet" option. After clicking on this option, the system will offer the option of transferring the pet to a new owner, or simply deleting the pet. To transfer a pet to a new owner, simply enter the new owner's email address in the appropriate field and confirm the transfer. The new owner will see the pet as transferred in their profile and must confirm the transfer. This completes the transfer of the pet between the owners, all records of the pet are kept to the new owner. Note The new owner does not have to have a profile in the registry. If you enter the e-mail address of the new owner correctly and he does not have a profile in the registry, the new user's registry will register using the link in the registration e-mail he receives.

Why is an email required to register?

We use the email address as a unique user identifier, additionally confirmed by clicking on the link in the email message. This protects your personal information against misuse. At the same time, we are able to fulfill our obligations under the legislation on personal data protection. Establishing and operating an email costs our clients nothing. Without a valid email address, it is not possible to create a new breeder or veterinarian profile in our system.

Supported internet browsers for Pet2Me

For your smoothest work with Pet2Me, better security and privacy is best when you use the latest browser versions from the list below.
Note: If you use an older version of browsers, you may not have access to Pet2Me, or some features of the site may not work properly. The list of browsers supported for computers may be different from the list for mobile devices.
We support all current and previous major versions of these browsers for computers:
1. Firefox (current and previous major versions)
2. Safari (current and previous major version)
3. Chrome (current and previous major)
4. Opera (current and previous major versions)
For mobile devices, we support current and previous major releases of these browsers: Safari, Chrome, Android
If you are using the current version of a supported browser and the web features still do not work as they should:
Please check your browser version again and install a newer version if necessary.
- Try another browser in its latest release as a workaround.
If you have tried these procedures and are still having problems, please contact us and provide the following:
- Description of the problem
- Versions of browsers on which you have tried Pet2Me
- A screenshot of the problem

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